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    11 Feb, 2008
    It's the Final countdown! County FA Cup special

    Waterloo GSR 1 - Southport Trinity 2

    Buckley Hill Stadium 14:00KO

    OH TRINITY WE LOVE YOU! They were the chants from the masses of fans who made the daunting trip to Buckley Hill to witness their beloved Southport Trinity in the Liverpool County FA Cup Semi Final. Coaches left Bootle Strand depot at 4am on the Saturday morning but spirits were high and the fans were still bladdered from the escapades in Sully's the night before. One fan quoted "What? This isn't the 52a? Rrrrr ayyyy me head's cabbaged!"

    Of late, performances haven't been pretty but our heroes keep grinding out the results through hard work and sheer determination. This game was to be no exception. Waterloo GS, the opponents for this Semi final, have gone unbeaten all season in their league and are serious title contenders. They have proved to be no pushovers and Trinity had to go into the game giving their opponents all the respect they deserve.

    As the players arrived you could sense there was an air of anticipation, a willingness, a togetherness and a hint of victory. The boys have worked so hard for this opportunity and the gaffer was not going to let this slip, after all he's worked just as hard on getting the team prepared for days like this. He's even shed blood, sweat, tears and hair (mostly hair though)!

    The initial prep talk was clear. Fear no-one, respect all! The gaffer was concerned that the boys would go into this game thinking they already had it wrapped up but he made sure they knew how tough the opponents have worked for this too and were not just going to throw it all away now. As expected, John was to start with the same team that battled hard the week before in a 2-1 victory over Chipping FC.

    So Ben Mc in goal, Ste H right back, Foulkesy left back, Greg and Ste Mc centre halves, Jay Wright, Chris H and Chrissy D in the middle of the park, Wacka on the right side, Mikey on the left with Scotty the lone ranger up front. Strong side, strong ambitions and strong resilience.

    The game kicked off on a beautiful afternoon, perfect weather for playing football and perfect conditions for a semi final. Trinity were kicking into the sun in the first half and knew they had to battle their way through to half time. But the sun didn't seem to be affecting the play as they soon found themselves playing some good football which has been missing the past couple of games. Soon they found themselves carving the way through the defence with Scotty holding up superbly as usual for Chrissy D to run onto and have a pop which unfortunately went wide, but a good start.

    Waterloo were strong, and they had a physical presence about them with the big centre forward resembling a smaller version of Lawrence Dellaglio but with hair! Again though, Ste Mc and Greg have proved they dominate at the rear. The only real chance Waterloo seemed to have was on the break, which they were surprisingly quick at, but Ben was always there to sweep up.

    It didn't take too long though for the deadlock to be broken. After relentless pressure from Wacka on the right and Mikey on the left, and with Chris H and Chrissy D making those box breaking runs, Waterloo finally conceeded. Jay won the ball in the centre of the park and laid it out to Chrissy D who in turn spotted Wacka down the flank. With the run against the defender he turned in a ball that would trouble a Premier League side and it skipped across the the flailing keeper and also the on rushing Chrissy D but Scotty was there at the back post to slot home to make it 1-0. Scotty has so far proved an excellent aquisiton during the transfer window and this was the payoff.

    But as expected, from the restart Waterloo had been awoken. Straight away the ball was pumped down the field to the big centre forward who was holding the ball up well and feeding it to the wingers. But the back four and the mid tracked back and communicated well and prevented a Waterloo onsluaght resulting to anything.

    With only a couple of minutes left till the half tie whistle, Trinity conceeded a throw in close to the area when again Waterloo cleared long for the forward to run onto and Greg cleared well. A long throw was expected and that is just what happened, but there was confusion in the box and Ben Mc was surrounded and admittedly mis-judged the punch which led to the ball spiralling into over the line. Efforts of Jay to clear off the line came to nothing as the ball had already passed. Trinity go into half time all square and with everything to play for.

    The boys seemed disappointed, but the gaffer seemed pleased and confident. He knew that with the fitness levels at an all time high and the talent in the squad would prevail. So the message was clear, keep plugging away.

    So out the boys go determined to breathe in success. They were almost their and they knew it. The second half kicked off, this time Trinity had their backs to the sun. Waterloo also were up for this, putting the pressure on early into the second half delivering long balls wide to the left but Foulkesy was like a fresh water salmon and rose at any opportunity to clear the ball. It really was a truly dominating performance from the Trinity back line.

    The game was starting to open up and the fitness of our heroes was proving too much for Waterloo, by using the counter attack down the flanks Trinity were able to expose the gaps and create a few opportunities. But their keeper was also proving to be difficult until around 25 minutes into the second half Wacka was released down the right flank again and put in a perfect ball from the touchline which evaded the front post and looped over the keeper. But who was there at the back post ready to put home in emphatic style, the birthday boy, Mikey! Wacka beautifully crafted possibly the best Birthday present Mikey could have asked for, a goal to put Trinity one step into the final of the Liverpool County FA Cup!

    There were a couple of shakey moments though and the balls were flying everywhere and I mean everywhere! Chris Hincks took one square in the ollies which concerned him as his left testicle went awol and only re-appeared in the second half. Then Wacka took one for the team by blocking a clearence from the Waterloo centre back. The shrill of a downed man proceeded and fans moans of 'Ooooooh' were heard for miles around! Right in the baby maker! Good job they don't get used often isn't it.

    The gaffer decided to make a few changes to save a few weary legs. Manner came on for Wacka, Shaun Byrne came on for Mikey and Curry came on for Scotty.

    Trinity had a great opportunity to stretch their lead. Foulkesy provided a great cross which made the back post where Greg was perfectly positioned, he contacted with his head but the keeper made a very impressive reaction save adn clawed the ball into the air and in turn the ball fell into his arms.

    Waterloo proceeded to knock the long ball into Trinity's half but with Ste Mc, Greg, Foulkesy, Ste H and Ben they had no chance. From back to front, Trinity worked hard and got their rewards when the referee blew for full time. Trinity are in the final!!!

    All the hard work is paying off and the gaffer couldn't be happier. They deserve this, they deserve the title and the cups! We're on the march and nothing can stop the Southport Trinity Army! Tonight we dine in hell!

    Team Stats

    Ben Mc - 8 - Solid punching, distance kicking and swept up any lose balls

    Ste H - 8 - Coped well with the pacey winger, cleared his lines and joined attacking

    Ste Mc - 9 - Solid, confident and fearless. Dominated everything and everyone

    Greg - 8 - Swept up the second balls, decisive and moved the ball well

    Foulkesy - 8 - Joined in the attack from the left, sweet left foot precisely picking out passes and winning all in the air!

    Jay Wright - 6 - Broke down the attacking options and moved across well but wasn't up to normal standards conceeding to many free kicks

    Chris H - 9 - Up and down all game, worked tirelessly and provided a strong force in the attack as well as in the back

    Chrissy D - 8 - Proved too quick for the midfield and was always in the thick of it causing problems

    Mikey - 8 - Tracked back well defensively and weaved his way on some great runs. Thoroughly deserved his birthday goal

    Wacka - 8 - Hard working going forward and helped Ste H defensively. Provided superb crosses into the box, ultimately putting Trinity into the final

    Scotty - 8 - So strong, holds the ball up perfect for the on rushing midfield. Proving to be the player Trinity needed for so long up top

    Subs: Manner (7), Curry (7), Shaun Byrne (7)

    MOM: Joint winners this week - Ste Mc and Chris H

    Goal Scorers: Steven Scott & Michael Atherton

    29 Nov, 2007
    On the march!

    Southport Trinity 3 - 0 Charnock Richard FC

    The Rookery 14:00pm KO

    As the bitter and blustery Saturday's start becoming more frequent and the Christmas break draws near, performance in the league becomes more vital. Trinity, in form and surfing on a wave of confidence, go into this game focused and seeking yet another win to bring the trophy back to where it belongs.

    Charnock Richard were the opponents and although they may be bottom of the league with the worst record statistically, John knew that going into this game with a false pretense would be utter suicide. The message was to give Charnock the respect they deserve as the previous game played between the pair was a closely fought contest resulting in Trinity winning the game in the final few minutes.

    Today though, was to be a different affair. John was to be slighlty experimental with the team. The lineup: Ben Mc, Ste H, Ste Mc, Greg, Foulkesy, Ray, Chris, Jay, Wacka, Charty and Chrissy D with Tony Duffy, Andrew Curry and Shaun Byrne on the bench ready to step in at any time.

    It was good to see the mouthwatering partnership of Foulkesy and Wacka on the left  back in force as the two combined very well during the previous cup game in Anfield, providing both good attacking options and a solid defensive base.

    The game got underway and instantly Trinity came out of the starting blocks in the lead. Chrissy D leading the way closing down the opposition immediately, pressing forward and creating a chance for Charty.

    It only took 5 minutes into the game before Trinity broke the deadlock. Chrissy Davis received the ball just outside his own half and off he went on a dazzling run, nutmegging the centre half and finishing his chance to the keepers bottom left. The man is on form and nothing can stop him at present.

    Charnock proved to be no pushovers though and despite going a goal behind pushed further up the pitch for an equaliser. But the Trinity back four were more than a match for the pace of the forwards. With Ste Mc commanding as ever and Foulkesy being the voice at the back,  they were more than capable of handling anything Charnock could throw at them.

    The game seemed a bit sloppy though and it took another great individual effort from Charty to increase the lead to 2. Receiving the ball on the right side of the pitch, Charty made a dart for the goal but was forced further wide by the defense but got a shot away at a difficult angle that sneaked past the goalkeeper at his nearpost. Charty will be delighted with this one as he has not been on top form the past couple of weeks.

    The game seemed to fizzle out leading into half time with both sides unable to keep the ball for more than a few passes. This was brought up at half time with John's displeasure at the lacklustre performance so far. With Trinity having played some beautiful football in recent weeks this was far from the stuff the sidelines and the fan are used to seeing.

    So into the second half and 2 - 0 up against a team that were unwilling to give in and again came out from the off with all intentions to break down the defense and salvage their, so far, poor season. But with the whole back four on form and with Ray and Wacka tracking back with their runners, this was not possible for Charnock.

    Chrissy D is becoming known for his acrobatics lately and again showed his agility when he got low to the ground for another Wacka cross, somehow overhead kicking the ball towards goal and hitting the bar. The circus is in town after Xmas and they are looking to recruit!

    Trinity found a patch in the game where for ten minutes they used the widths well and got Ray and Wacka in behind the defense and putting in some quality balls. But changes had to be made and John decided to rest Charty and Chrissy D, who had broke down Charnock from the front all game both deserved their goals. On came Curry and Duffy who stepped in with 35 minutes to go.

    Foulkesy has proved since he has been a starting regular that he has a sweet left foot, and when he crossed the ball for Wacka to slot home it only strengthened the truth about his left foot. After the original corner was returned, Foulkesy lofted a deep crss to the back post which seemed destined to go out of play, but up pops Wacka from nowhere, bringing the ball down Dennis Bergkamp esq right on the touchline, faked to place the ball across goal but deceived the keeper slotting from a difficult angle into the far post. A truly great goal by the vice skipper firing home a message to John that this is his place on the park! 3-0.

    25 minutes to go and John makes another change bringing on Shaun Byrne for Jay Wright, who was not a domineering in the middle as usual but still got the job done as the scoreline suggests. Byrney slotted right into the middle alongside Chris Hincks, who was having a solid game in the middle.

    With time wittling down, Charnock threw everything forward and made a couple of attacking substitions themselves. But Trinity held strong and more impressively the back four showed character and wouldn't let anything get through to Ben, who is becoming known for his clean sheets these days (only on the pitch though, not in his flat!).

    With the game in need with a little pickup, Greg provided the entertainment. After making a mistake and kicking the ball out of play he decided to slur his own name with the shout 'Oh f**k off Greg', to which Wacka made a legendary shout and one which every player and fan was thinking (even Greg) 'Yeah, f**k off Greg'. The sideline were in stitches as was the rest of the players, Charnock Richard included.

    Final whistle blown and Trinity come out of another battle with another victory. But all was not happy in the changing room, with john drilling the boys about the lacklustre performance and the lack of football the fans have been used to watching in recent weeks. But a win is a win and it doesn't matter if you win by and inch or a mile, it's still a win. Our heroes march on to the Xmas break still unbeaten and in control of the league and in control of their own destiny.


    Ben Mc - 7 - Not much to do with the back four being dominant, kicking was excellent today and distributed the ball the best he has all season

    Ste H - 7 - Took 10 minutes to settle in but quickly was in his usual stride supporting Ray with some good attacking options

    Ste Mc - 8 - Solid, nothing gets past the tank, aerial ability second to none and distriubuted the ball well

    Greg - 7 - Used his pace well to cope with the quick forward, got rid when needed and provided the best shout of the game

    Foulkesy - 10 - Worked well with Wacka, provided support up and down, commanded his back four, created the Wacka's goal and the little guy even was strong in the air. MOM performance

    Ray - 7 - Pestered the left back all game, good outlet, probing crosses that asked questioons of the Charnock keeper

    Chris H - 8 - Covered a lot of ground, strong in the air, passed well, tackled hard and provided the easy option to the man on the ball

    Jay - 6 - Did the 'ugly' stuff as per usual but didn't seem with it. Looked slighlty lost, but regained his form in the second half only to be subbed

    Wacka - 9 - Having been out of the team wanted to prove himself. Worked hard front to back, had the right back all game, crossed well and took his goal superbly

    Charty - 8 - Much more improved performance, work rate was excellent, dropping short to receive the ball, linking well with Chrissy and taking his goal effortlessly

    Chrissy D - 8 - Another fine performance, so quick on the ball and off it, off the ball movement excellent, worked back and made it easier for the midfield

    Subs: Tony Duffy (For Charty) - 6, Andrew Curry (For Chrissy D) - 6, Shaun Byrne (For Jay Wright) - 6

    Scorers: Chrissy D, Charty and Wacka

    MOM: Michael Foulkes

    Shout of the day: Greg - 'Oh f**k off Greg', Wacka - 'Yeah, f**k off Greg'

    21 Nov, 2007
    ******BREAKING NEWS*******

    Unfortunately fans the chance for you to meet your heroes in the flesh is to be delayed. The public appearance at the 'fans' fundraising racenight has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

    St Monica's Club, where the event was to be held, is still under construction. The decorators are taking their time and insist they will get off their horses to complete the work. The chief Cowboy who is running the operation has expressed his sincere apologies and insists the work will be complete by Xmas.

    This means that the Southport Trinity Racenight in order to raise funds for a very needy charity, the John Hincks Holiday fund, is still due to be held but it will now be at a later date after Xmas.

    Event organisers, Jay Wright and Anthony Cumiskey, held emergency talks last night and agreed that plans were best to be left till everything was sorted as it is only right the original venue be kept.

    Keep visiting the website for an update on circumstances

    20 Nov, 2007
    7 Heaven...again!

    Southport Trinity 7 - 0 Farrington Villa

    The Rookery 14.00pm KO

    First and foremost, a big apology to all Southport Trinity fans out there. The site has not been updated for the past two matches. We here at the fansite can only apologise for the lack of updates but due to tensions and unforseen problems this was not possible.

    Now, back to business. On a cold Saturday afternoon our heroes where at home at the fortress. Trinity, still unbeaten, are the team everybody wants to beat but nothing can stop them at the moment. Farrington Villa were no exception to the rule and with them wanting to build on their previous weeks impressive 3-1 victory against a strong Hoole Utd side, they were prepared to battle and wanted something out of this.

    Trinity turned up in high spirits. With a good victory the previous week and confidence riding high on the fact that all season they are unbeaten, Farrington Villa needed to beware of the devastating destruction Trinity possess when on form, and it was to be exactly one of them days!

    In previous weeks, there has been an air of tension in the changing rooms with certain players becoming restless with the lack of opportunities presented to them. But with those players having their say, things were in the open and it became more clear on positions within the team being reassured.

    The Gaffer opened the day with a Vikings speech on how the title was theirs to lose and that they needed to be proud of what has been achieved so and take it onto the pitch. He also touched on discipline and how that it can let us down, no players were singled out but we all know there was a big finger hanging over their heads!

    John named the line up. Ben Mc, Ste H, Ste Mc, Greg, Foulkesy, Ray, Chris H, Jay, Charty, Chrissy D and Curry. With Tony Duffy and Wacka being named on the bench. This came as a surprise to a few as Vice Captain, Wacka, has been one of the few to be performing of late with consistency and diversity.

    So the game kicked off and instantly the tempo was set with Chrissy D, chasing down the opponents midfield straight from the off. His persistence and chasing paid off, when in the first 5 minutes he cut inside from the left and rifled a hard hitting right foot shot into the bottom corner.

    The tackles were flying in and neither team was willing to back down. The right winger for Farrington must have been hallucinating half was through the first half. He turned into the Fonz. Ste Mc blasted the ball into the mid riff of the blonde, mohawked weirdo after the whistle had gone, to which Mr T (bag) relied ‘Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy’. To the hilarity of the whole of the Trinity side and even the bench, he was left a little red faced and out of air!

    There was no time on the ball for Farrington as our boys chased them down very quickly forcing errors all over the park. Soon enough Trinity burst through the back four Chrissy D pulling the ball back from the touchline and Jay was there to stroke the ball home from 10 yards out with a finish Ruud Van Nistelrooy would be proud of.

    Farrington had a funny 5 minutes where they strung a couple of passes together and forced Ben Mc to make a tremendous save to his far post. Trinity were not shaken by this though and went into half time steam rolling the opposition with a 4-0 lead.

    Out come the oranges at half time and they go down a treat, a couple of the lads said they prefer them a bit sweeter and would also like some jaffa cakes for that extra burst of energy, just a subtle hint. The word from the gaffer…keep going and keep your heads.

    So onto the second half, no changes made. Farrington Villa come out with a bit of venom, now throwing their weight around but Trinity matched them as they have done all season with every side. They had one real opportunity but the Trinity backline cleared the danger.

    The pressure was on Farrington but they couldn’t breathe on the ball, the came possibly the goal of the season so far. The cross came in from the right and Chrissy D with a spectacular overhead kick, blasted the ball past the flailing keeper.

    Time to make subs. On comes the Vice Captain, Wacka, for Ray. Many believe Wacka should have started the game and it was a shock when his name was not read out on the teamsheet. But being the gent that he is, he did his talking on the pitch. Making an impact with his first touches. Receiving the ball on the right flank, cutting inside and picking out Chrissy Davis’ run between the defenders to which Chrissy poked the ball past the keeper.

    Wth Trinity 6-0 up and cruising, time for one last change. On comes Tony Duffy for Andrew Curry and made an impact almost instantly. A good one two between Ste Mc and Jay at the back led to Ste Mc launching a left foot half volley pass over the Farrington back four, Tony Duffy used his lightning pace and dinked the ball over the keeper and into the empty net.

    Like all games that Trinity take part in, it wouldn’t be a game if there wasn’t a scuffle. Chris Hincks and The Crystal Maze presenter, Richard O’Brien, were at each other in the centre circle. But all was sorted and Trinity came out clear winners in what was another fine performance from all.

    That’s two 7-0 victory’s for the marching army! With Xmas looming and the unbeaten record still in tact surely the boys must be thinking about the title?! But like all things in Football, it’s a mysterious game and our heroes have to keep plugging away and getting results at each attempt.

    The gaffer goes into Saturday night a pleased man with his thoughts purely on the next opposition and what he shall spend all the boys subs and fines on at the end of the season. Maldives or the Dominican?


    Ben Mc - 8 - Commanding at the back, kicking and catching spot on, communicated and made a great flying save to keep his clean sheet record

    Ste H - 8 - Linked up well with Ray and Wacka, decisive in the tackle and kept the line steady

    Ste Mc - 9 - Had the forwards in his back pocket, solid in the air and in the tackle. Deserved goal

    Greg - 8 - Linked well with Ste Mc, again coped well with the pacey centre forward and sweeped up when Farrington did press forward

    Foulkesy - 9 - Deserved his start. The voice at the back, always looking to push forward, great corner to creat Ste Mc's goal

    Jay - 8 - Did the 'ugly' stuff well, calm on the ball, looked for the easy pass, supported the attack and grabbed a goal

    Chris H - 8 - Up and down supporting the attack and helping the defense, strong in the air and in the tackle and ran the middle of the park

    Ray - 8 - Had the left back all day, linked up with Ste H well, created chances and almost grabbed one himself

    Charty - 8 - Gave his all as usual, had the right back in his pocket, chased everything but left his shooting boots at home.

    Curry - 8 - Held up the ball as well as he always does, didn't have many chances himself but brought people into play.

    Chrissy D - 10 - Immaculate performance, terrorised the back four, created chances and goals, bagged four for himself and scored the goal of the season so far


    Wacka - 8 - Came on and instantly made a stand. Created Chrissy's final goal with a great individual run and good vision. Worked back and got forward, stating his case for his starting place

    Tony Duffy - 8 - Came on and instantly bagged himslef a goal. Great finish from Ste Mc's great ball. Chased the defense and used his lightning pace

    Scorers: Chrissy Davis (4), Jay Wright, Ste Mc, Tony Duffy.

    MOM: Chrissy Davis – Chased down everything, worked hard, created chances, netted four and scored the goal of the season so far

    30 Oct, 2007
    Down to the wire!

    Liver Academy 0-0 Southport Trinity

    (0-0 AET. Southport Trinity win 5-4 on pens)

    Trinity went into this game on the back of some excellent league form. Now, As we all know the cup is a lottery and league form goes out of the window in ties like this.

    The game was played on a hostile Breckside Park pitch in Anfield, a place where men are men and women are men too. But, no away game would be complete without the compulsory John Hincks U-Turn!

    John was confident his boys could carry on the same level of performance as in previous weeks. The team selection being Ben, Ste H, Ste Mc, Greg, Foulkesy, Charty, Wacka, Jay, Chris H, Mikey and Chrissy D in the typical 4-4-2 formation.

    Trinity started brightly for the first 15 minutes and very nearly took the lead after good work down the left from Foulksey and Wacker resulted in a cut back which Mikey took in his stride and was unfortunate to see the ball sail over the bar. The best chance of the half fell to Chrissy D after excellent work from Charty, but he miscued and Liver were let off the hook.

    Liver Academy came out fighting in the second half and to be fair were the better side. Trinity were still in the game mainly thanks to a string of fine saves and good sweeping from Ben Mc. Ste Mc was also a rock at the back dominating everything in the air and not giving anything away. The game was becoming scrappy but was brightened up by Wacker's 'silky' skills down the left, Wacka now wants to be called 'Chubba Chubs' as he is king of the lollipop!

    Trinity digged deep as the game went on both teams started to tire with not many chances falling for either side. Fitness was going to prove the vital key to this game.

    Full time came and it was 0-0. Extra time and pens beckoned! Trinity were keeping within their limits and not really making the impact they have stamped on previous games but it proves that the team spirit is high and that when the boys stick together, it doesn't matter who they play or where, they can still get a result.

    Extra time kicked off and soon John made a sub. Off came Jay who was very quiet for the whole game and failed to make any impact and on came Chris Oliver to add to the strength out there. But again both sides failed to break the deadlock. Second half of extra time was no different and penalties weere upon us

    Now we know of Trinity's hapless efforts at penalty's in the past, but Jay had been subbed so there was some reassurance!

    Charty, Greg, Wacker, Ste Mc all slotted there pens with pinpoint accuracy but so did Liver Academy. So it came down to the last two players Mikey and a guy for the Liver Academy who looked like the killer from Saw. Jigsaw stepped up and dragged it wide of Ben's near post, to relieve of the Man of the Match. It was up to Mikey, he stood tall with his chest hair bursting out of his Trinity shirt, placed the ball down, gave the keeper the eye (his good one, not the glass one) and fired the ball into the corner.

    Trinity were through. Hard work and fitness paid off! The defence was awesome this week, kept their line well and communicated with each other.

    The boys are on the march to victory once again. The gaffer is making a name for himself within the ranks at the moment and this year at the end of year awards he will have the last laugh!


    Ben Mc - 9 - Decisive and commanding, deserved his MOM

    Ste H - 7 - More powerful runs forward, kept his line well

    Ste Mc - 8 - Dominant, strong and powerful. Typical Ste Mc

    Greg - 7 - Read the lines well, kept pacey forward at bay

    Foulkesy - 8 - First start and looked more than comfortable on and off the ball

    Jay - 5 - Might aswell have been a tree!

    Chris H - 8 - Worked hard again, front to back, strong and led the team

    Wacka - 8 - Proved his versatility with a majestic performance on the left

    Charty - 7 - Not as influential on the ball as usual but worked hard and created chances

    Mikey - 7 - Helped out down both flanks, came short and kept the back four busy

    Chrissy - 7 - Suffered from the flu, but like the soldier that he is chased everything and had a couple of golden opportunities

    Subs: Tony Duffy - 6, Ollie - 6, Manner - 6

    Unused subs: Shaun Byrne

    MOM - Ben Mc - Commanding from the back, spurred the boys on, decisive decisions when coming out, made a great save before full time to keep the boys in it and scared off Jigsaw during the penalty shootout. Let's play a game!

    15 Oct, 2007
    7 of the best!

    Southport Trinity Res. 7 - 0 Hoole Utd

    Saturday was Southport's first home game of the season and it was about time. The lads have been waiting for this since the season had begun and you now know why the boys call it the fortress.

    Everyone was in high spirits and the atmosphere was good especially after Wacka's new CD was rippin the roof off the changies! Hoole proved tough opponents in the previous match up but to be fair Trinity were missing a few key players due to holidays.

    The team Ben Mc, Wacka, Ste Hincks, Ste Mc, Greg, Jay, Chris, Mikey, Ray, Charty and Curry alone up top. The formation a 4-5-1 V-style, which was to suit the Trinity style of play.

    The game kicked and the boys were revved up. Straight away the ball was won in the middle of the park and hoisted to Ray on the right who made a little burst taking on one but unfortunately running the ball out of play.

    After just 5 minutes of pressure, the pressing had paid off. Charty won a corner on the far side which Mikey took but it was headed clear straight back to him. He shimmied back onto his right foot putting in a delightful ball aimed for Jay at the near post, but the defender wanted a piece of the action a placed a beautiful diving header past the flailing keeper.

    From then on it was Trinity's game. Ray was on fine form down the right and then made the decision to switch on the left. His pace and forward runs were just to much for either of the full backs to handle and he was walking past them. His hard work paid off eventually when he grabbed a goal for himself in the first half.

    Not to be disrespectful to the opposition, but Trinity were winning everything and putting the effort in all over the park and it showed when the home team went into half time 4-0 up.

    The half time team talk was very basic but effective...keep it up. A few jaffa cakes later and a suirt of water and the boys were back on the pitch ready for battle.

    Hoole came out in the second half all guns blazing for the first 10 minutes but Trinity hit them on the break. Again, Ray on the right causing problems again, lost his marker and crossed a low ball into the box and who was there...Wacka steaming in from the left to tap into an empty net.

    Hoole were depleting slowly and the big guy in the middle was not the force people made him out to be. Trinity in control and way ahead they don't make it easy for themselves conceeding silly bookings and throwing in stupid tackles close to their own area.

    The game was out of Hoole's reach but Trinity kept on counter attacking and battling in the middle. The introduction of Shaun byrne in the midfield added fresh lags as Chris had to be taken off with an injured foot. Ollie also added strength and depth to the left side and his hard work getting back to fitness paid off with a delightful right foot glance into the far corner. And who made the chance, MOM Ray Warham.

    The game ended up 7-0 with Hoole's confidence shattered and Ray rounding up his great game with the last goal. To be fair it could have been a lot more, their keeper was on fine form and Trinity missed a few chances.

    But the unbeaten run continues and confidence is high in the camp. Long may it continue on the march for the title.


    Ben Mc - 8 -Commanding voice at the back, not much to do but when called into action delivered every time.

    Ste Hincks - 8 - Surging forward runs and strong at the back.

    Ste Mc - 8 - Strong as ever, winning all in the air and decisive.

    Greg - 8 - Got rid early, good cover to Ste and was pacey against the quick forwards.

    Anthony 'Wacka' - 8 - Versatile as ever, good at the back leading to the front. Awaiting that goal for a while.

    Jay - 8 - Kept the big man quiet, closed down well and provided support front and back. Definitely won the ball!

    Chris - 8 - Machine as usual, up and down, leading the way and getting a goal too.

    Mikey - 8 - Troubled the right side, worked well with Ray and also tracked back. Good cross and hard work created the first goal.

    Charty - 8 - At his best running at people, lost his rag a bit but bounced back by beating his marker and slotting a neat goal.

    Ray - 10 - Didn't put a foot wrong. Created two goals and scored two. Magnificient!

    Curry - 8 - Definitely suited the formation, held the ball up, brought others into the game and was unlucky with a neat volley late on.


    Shaun B - 7 - Came on late in the game, worked hard and chased everything.

    Foulkesy - 7 - Looks more than comfortable on the ball, good link up play with Wacka, intelligent play.

    Ollie - 7 - Strong when came on, battled hard and all his efforts grabbed himself a goal.

    Unused sub: Tony Duffy

    MOM - Ray Warham - Brilliant performance again, delivering week in and week out.

    Scorers: OG, Ray (2), Charty, Chris, Wacka, Ollie.

    09 Oct, 2007
    Wacka...El Champione!

    The big tournament kicked off on Friday. Live from Darryl's living room, Foulksey made the long journey over the fence, Ben and Anthony 'Wacka' Cumiskey all took part.

    It was a hotly fought battle in which Foulkesy won all the group stage matches. Wacka battled his way to the final only to meet an unbeaten force in Michael Foulkes.

    The game kicked off and Wacka took an early 2-0 lead! For 70 minutes Foulkesy tried his damndest but to no avail and Wacka was crowned CHAMPION! Yet another piece of silverware for the surging left back.

    The boys then went on to consume unthought of amounts of alcohol and almost finish a kings feast from the Chippy!

    Until next time boys...take care of yourself...and each other!