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    Great. Couldn't have gone better.
    Good. Missed out on Promotion, but some good performances.
    Average. What I Expected.
    Good when certain players did not play, and bad when they did.
    Terrible. Promotion was the aim and we failed. Sack the manager.
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    23 Aug, 2007
    DAFC lost last night after a month off, as manager Gary Robson returned after even longer off. With Pearson and Watson missing, and a whole lot of usual replacements unavailable, DAFC could only field five players and were always going to struggle against top of the league, Minta Milan. Full match details on the Fixtures and Results page. Stephen Boggs joined Walker, Walsh, Wilkinson and Robson for last night's game.
    23 Aug, 2007
    Walsh Wins Moustache Poll!!!!!!!
    DAFC fans decided that Colin Walsh would suit a moustache more then any of his team mates although it was very close. DAFC fans decided Lee\'s face was too handsome to cover with strawberry blonde facial hair as he didn\'t get one single vote.
    02 Aug, 2007
    After receiving three points without even playing a game last night, DAFC moved up into third place in Division 3. Because of the gap in the league, DAFC had no opposition and were handed a 10-0 win, moving them within six points of second place although second placed Minta Milan do have a game in hand. Elsewhere in the league, somewhat surprisingly, Minta Milan couldn't get a team together and handed Sven's Saucepots a 10-0 win. This may be a one off, but if not and if Minta Milan keep dropping points, DAFC will have even more chance of catching them up. Next week, DAFC are scheduled for another 10-0 win unless Powerleague manage to fill the second vacant space.
    26 Jul, 2007
    Pearson, Worse Then My Mum!!!!
    According to DAFC fans, Ian Pearson's comeback to first team action has not been acceptable going off recent survey results with 55% of the vote saying he has been terrible and that their Mums could do better. Thankfully manager Gary Robson is pleased with his performaces, as are the majority of the team.
    26 Jul, 2007
    DAFC won their second game in a row last night with another brilliant performance. Robson decided to miss out on the game, which proved to be a great mangerial decision, as his replacements both had good games. DAFC are still nine points behind the promotion places but if they can continue their recent good form for the rest of the season, they might just pull promotion off.