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    03 Jun, 2008
    And Balclutha Makes 3
    The pheonix continued on their winning streak with a 6-2 result over Balclutha in the weekend at Tonga Park [home grouind]  Although the first half was relatively even with the visitors going up 1 nil midway thru the half and the Phoenix replying towards the end of it, the second half was a different story with the home team turning up the pressure and slotting 3 more past and getting an OG to boot, Although a Penalty shot was put high and wide early on in the half the team rallied to show that when they knuckle down and play football they are as good as the top teams in the league.
    26 May, 2008
    2 IN A ROW

    Caversham Phoenix made it 2 wins on the trot as Roslyn Waikari White followed on from their compatriots [Roslyn Waikari Black] last week, going down to a first half effort that they had no reply to. The Phoenix played a solid attacking game that allowed new boy Gar Chananak to drive the 1st home for his 2nd in as many games and top Scorer Linh Le the 2nd giving the team a 2 nil lead at the half.  

    2nd half saw the Phoenix lose their Attacking edge but not the defensive effort from the 1st spell which allowed the opposition back into the game but unable to break down a resolute defence as both sides had to settle for a scoreless 2nd half.

    The 2 nil scoreline saw the Phoenix move back into 4th spot on the table.

    17 May, 2008

    With 3 new players joining due to permanent and temporary departures/Dersertions the Pheonix finally broke a 4 game losing streak with a well deserved 2-4 win away in the last game of the 1st round.

    1 nil down halfway thru the 1st spell the Pheonix started to find a bit of rhythm with the 3 new additions contributing in a positive manner and and finally in the 2nd half getting back to the ability shown in the 1st 2 games of the season when 5 -1 and 5-2 saw the team at the top of the table winning 4-2 but although showing a much better grade of football did not secure the win untill halfway thru the 2nd period and putting the 4th in with about 5 or 10 to go.

    The Team cellabrated the win in the evening with a Birthday Bar b Que at 1 of the lads house and then went to say good bye to a "much going to be missed player" who was heading back home to  Chile with a farewell party at his flat. Good Bye will be missed by the team.

    10 May, 2008

    Things go from bad to worse as a Pheonix Defender get knocked unconcious in head clash early on with own player and selfcentered Egotist deserts at half time to play for higher team in club leaving his EX Team to suffer it's 4th loss in a row by a single goal going down 2-3 to a team which had not those 2 major incidences taken place, could and should have beaten.

    Still missing 1 on 1's with the Keeper as the Pheonix play good football in patches cannot seem to convert chances they create and fail to clear the ball from set pieces as at 2 all with 5 to go the Oppositon score from a corner thru a player losing his marker. Although pilingm on the pressure could not get the equalising goal.

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    31 May, 2008 Home Balclutha 6-2
    24 May, 2008 Away Roslyn Waikari White 0-2
    17 May, 2008 Away Roslyn Black 2-4
    10 May, 2008 Home Northern 2-3
    03 May, 2008 Away Caversham 5-1
    26 Apr, 2008 Home University 1-4
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