Please buckle in as you are about to journey on your first ride of a Comet.  Welcome to the place where our players run, tackle, and catch well, as fast as comets.

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18 Oct, 2007
The Big 3-0, How Far Can They Go
The Comets are now at the big 3-0.  People are now starting to say how far can they go?  The Comets seem pretty confident as the Head Coach says that he can take the team all the way to the top as undefeated.  Their last game that they played ended in a score of 35-7 with the Comets on top until the fourth quarter when The Surgeons had the ball on the kickoff fumbled, recorvered, lateralled the ball twice and finally scored the touchdown with about 5:00 minutes remaining in the game.  They face The Surgeons again only this time The Comets are away.