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    Michael Burton

    Your chance to give some abuse to Skipper anominously.

    Come on fellas let rip......

    Sender Name: Jack Warner
    Date Sent: 20 May, 2008 23:30
    E-mail address:

    Hello Michael, Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I wondered if you could teach me the cover drive?


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    Sender Name: m.burton 
    Date Sent: 22 May, 2008 10:46
    E-mail address:
    Question: now burty just wana say thanks for the time you put in with me pre-season

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    Sender Name: M.Burton
    Date Sent: 01 Jun, 2008 18:20
    E-mail address:

    Dear Jack, or should I be addressing you by another name I wonder!!

    Nah Tweedy is the man to teach you that. Along with a cheeky slog sweep over the shops at Rossy!!

    Sender Name: Burty
    Date Sent: 01 Jun, 2008 18:22
    E-mail address:


    No probs at all big fella and nice to see you scoring runs.




    Sender Name: Matthew Hayden
    Date Sent: 30 Jun, 2008 23:55
    E-mail address:
    Question: Hi mr burton i was wondering if you have a spot at the top of the order for a batsman like me, my friend Warnie put me on to you, i wait in eagerness for a response, thank you, Matthew

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