Fantasy Football League

    Leek CSOB under 13's have a fantasy football league with Channel Four. If you are a player or member of our team and would like the chance to win £5 each month then please  to join. You will have to register first. Once registered follow these steps to join Leek CSOB under 13's league;

    Click on \"enter new league\" and at the bottom of this page you will see a section called \"join existing league\". Enter the league pin 3893 and click go. You now will have entered Leek CSOB\'s fantasy football league.

    The winner of the £5 for each game month is as follows;

    Game month 1 - Andy (52 points)
    Game month 2 - Zach (48 points)
    Game month 3 - Zach (49 points)
    Game month 4 - Alec (63 points)
    Game month 5 - Zak (63 points)
    Game month 6 - Alex (95 points)
    Game month 7 - Alex (91 points)