Founded from distinguished pasts in 2004

    President: T Seabrook  ~ Chair: M Griffiths  ~ Vice Chair: H Burton


    “Awards for All” –2006;
    ECB- “Chance to Shine”- 2007/8;

    NAACC offers recreational and competitive coached cricket for new starters, youth, male and female participants with no barriers to 6 senior teams, and a thriving youth set up.

    There are opportunities for non playing members alongside volunteer roles for umpires, scorers, caterers, and ground staff.

    The club operates year round coaching, training and indoor cricket as well as links to Hockey and Football teams using the Goosedale Sports Club

    NAACC always welcomes new players. We currently have players between age 7 and 60.  All abilities.  Male and female. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.

    We will find a place for anyone at NAACC!


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    Latest Club News
    01 Jan, 2008
    Christmas Party!!!!!

    NAACC Christmas Party at Goosedale

    7th December 2007

    Everyone is Welcome - Juniors, Seniors and especially Parents
    Fancy Dress is Optional

    6 pm - Outdoor Junior Cricket on flood-lit Astroturf
    (weather permitting, bring change of clothing)

    7 – 9pm Indoor Party 

    Special Guest Entertainer!

    Christmas Food and Music

    Party Games- Apple dunking, Doughnut and Chocolate Eating (for the kids)
    Buy your drinks at the Bar (for the Dads…… and mums)
    Chocolate Fountain with marshmallows and fruit (especially for the Mums)

    Santa Claus (well known wacky NAACC senior player) with lucky dip  
    Christmas Raffle will be drawn at the end of the night

    £5 for Kids includes, Cricket, Food and Entertainment

    Donations from Adults welcome; Food and Entertainment are otherwise Free!

    25 Dec, 2007
    Schedule Winter 2007


    9 - 5pm  UKCC2 at Trent Bridge (Nov)

    5 - 6pm Junior Bowling Machine practice
    5 - 6pm

    6 - 9pm Senior Bowling Machine practice



    6 - 9pm Junior cricket and LTAD coaching at Southglade

    4.30 - 7.30 pm

    09 Dec, 2007
    Senior Bowling Machine Times

    Sunday 9th Dec (session 10 of 10) let me know if any problems.

    Let me know the time of the U15 game. It will be possible to swap the two senior sessions around but everyone needs to know otherwise it will get cramped.

    As we have finished the bowling machine pre booked time we need to think about what next. Trent Bridge Nets Booked- see below. Indoor league continues till February. Any more bowling machine? Now? or Before the season? Adam Charles has also offered to ask around. (Thanks Adam!)

    I have started a thread in the Forum (click here) for your suggestions

    6-7 pm 7-8pm 8-9pm     Another time To Be Arranged ?Saturday
    Pratik Craig Carl Ronnie
    Keval Ryan Tom Reilly Raj
    Connor Mat B Nadeem Harry
    U13/U15 Stefan Ranny Ifty
    Parents Andy P Adam Deed
      ?Christian Mushy  

    08 Dec, 2007
    A Guide to the NAACC Website

    I have had emails regarding difficulties with using the website. I hope this quick guide helps, email me any problems. [email protected]

    A guide to the NAACC Website

    The website is interactive in a few ways:

    1)      Anyone can post anything on the website anywhere. Just email me your items and I can post it on e.g. sell second hand cricket gear on the NAACC shop page.

    2)      If you click players you will see that many people have their picture and profile added to the relevant section. Just email me your details. Get the Juniors to write a little bit about themselves, how they feel about the club- anything!

    3)      I will update the poll in the homepage regularly, feel free to vote anytime. Try not to vote more than once for the same poll because it spoils the numbers.  

    4)      The FORUM is causing the most problems. This is YOUR voice. You can post any new topic of your choice – it can be about anything. People will then reply and this forms a “thread”. Secondly, you can reply to existing topics to give your opinion.

     a.       To Register

              i.      In the club home page click FORUM

              ii.      Click on Register

             iii.      Choose a username and password, add your email and click REGISTER at the bottom of the page

               iv.      Click go to forum section, then click Login

               v.      Type your username, password, Login, then go to forum section

               vi.      You are now logged into the Forum

    b.      To post a new topic

                i.      Scroll down to “new thread”, type your “subject” and “message” in the relative boxes

                ii.      Click ADD.

                iii.      You have now posted a new topic

    c.       To reply to an existing thread

                 i.      Once logged in, Click on the thread you want to reply to, then Click reply

                 ii.      Type your reply in the message box and click ADD

                 iii.      You have now replied to an existing thread

    03 Dec, 2007
    Video Analysis of Your Bowling Action

    Video Analysis of Your Bowling Action
    with Feedback and Action Plan
    Only TEN Places Available (Juniors and Seniors)
    Southglade. January 2008. £30

    Many Thanks to John Leaf (Notts UKCC3 Coach) for feedback over the weekend. 
    Lots of you found this VERY useful.

    John has offered ten nominated bowlers from NAACC Video Analysis of your bowling action. This will be a 2 hour session. John will video your bowling action from different angles, copy it to the laptop and then analyse it using software e.g. drawing lines etc. You will then get 1on1 feedback. Bowlers will receive still images of key points by email (only sent to parents if U18). A DVD of the whole recording will be sent to NAACC.

    Not all verbal 1on1 feedback is remembered. For an additional cost John will prepare written feedback i.e. a Word document which highlights strengths and areas for development plus an Action Plan or suggestions on how to achieve progress. This takes one hour per bowler (hence the additional charge), so you will not receive this on the day

    I have started a thread in the forum. If you are interested please put your name down by clicking reply. Do not post contact details. You will then be selected. We will contact the Ten selected bowlers with further information.

    30 Nov, 2007
    Former Arnold CC Captain now First Class Umpire

    Former Arnold CC Captain achieves distinction achieving place on ECB Full Umpires Panel!

    STEVE GARRATT has been promoted to the List of Umpires for First Class Cricket.  Well done STEVE from all at NAACC.


    26 Nov, 2007

    Many of you have commented and seen the benefit already of Matthew, Harry, Harvey, Raj and Mike passing the UKCC1 course recently.
    There is another UKCC1 course planned by the City District at Bluecoat College in February.

    Are there are small group of participants interested in going on the course together? 

    Min age is 16.
    £100 course fee, 50% can be claimed back from Notts County Council.
    The club will contribute to course fee if you provide coaching support for the club.
    Tues Feb 5 / 12 / 19 / 26 6-9pm
    Thurs Mar 4th 6-9pm
    Child Protection and First Aid Thurs Feb 7
    The next UKCC1 will not be until October 2008, so this is a great opportunity.

    [email protected]

    26 Nov, 2007

    See Cricket Bloopers on LinksPage

    Anyone want to post anything on the Funny stuff link, drop me an email
    [email protected]

    16 Nov, 2007
    Specialist Cricket Coaching and other Events At Trent Bridge updated on Downloads page.
    12 Nov, 2007
    NAACC Juniors at Trent Bridge, Photo's link added to links page