League from 2006

The Tuesday Night Fun League started properly in 2006-2007 season but was known as the Tuesday Night League long before that. 

The league has had different members over the last few years and different people running the league.

We now have three people running the league:


President : Mark Greenway

Treasurer: Lee Dyble

Secretary: Jude Millington.

Mark and Lee bowl together with another member and Jude bowls with two other members.


2006-2007 Winners

League Winners: N.F.I

League Runners Up: Split Happens

3rd Place: 3\\\'s A Crowd

Singles Winner: Ade Lilley

There is no singles runner up as the player never showed

to play his game.

Team Knockout Winners: N.F.I


Male Handicap Game Winner: Steven Griffiths

Male Handicap Game 2nd Place: Ron Glenn

Male Handicap Game 3rd Place: Steve Hart

Male Handicap Series Winner: Ade Lilley

Male Handicap Series 2nd Place: Steve Hart

Male Handicap Series 3rd Place: Ron Glenn

Female Handicap Game Winner: Keisha McDonald

Female Handicap Game 2nd Place: Angela Price

Female Handicap Game 3rd Place: Gill Lilley

Female Handicap Series Winner: Angela Price

Female Handicap Series 2nd Place: Jude Millington

Female Handicap Series 3rd Place: Keisha McDonald

Team Handicap Game Winner: Norfolk \\\'n\\\' Chance

Team Handicap Game 2nd Place: God Knows

Team Handicap Game 3rd Place: NFI

Team Handicap Series Winner: Norfolk \\\'n\\\' Chance

Team Handicap Series 2nd Place: NFI

Team Handicap Series 3rd Place: God Knows

Most Improved Bowler: Terry Rowicki

Final League Standings and points:

1st:    NFI   194 points

2nd    Split Happens 180 points

3rd    3\\\'s A Crowd  175 points

4th    Nut Heads  174 points

5th    Pin Pals  167 points

6th    Slim Shady\\\'s  159 points

7th    God Knows  148 points

8th    Phat Boys   143 points

9th    Slappers  136 points

10th  Norfolk \\\'n\\\' Chance  124 points.

Each point is worth 87p

Well Done Everyone