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    BASTON 10mile TT course ....BN10/5......

    start in layby on A15 north of Baston crossroads- proceed northwards to Bourne -at roundabout take fist exit left onto Bourne bypass -go straight on over next two roundabouts -at the third (junction with A151)go right round roundabout to retrace route back to Baston -at crossroads turn left (towards Baston fen ) to finish at edge of village.
    course record  - Andy Jackson (Pedlesport-Giant) 21m16s

    ASLACKBY 10mile TTcourse .....BN10/1....

    start in layby on A15 south of Aslackby proceed towards Bourne- turn left onto B1177 to Billingborough- turn left into Station road at top of hill turn left onto road signposted Graby/Bourne to finish.
    course record - Mark Botteley 21m59s

    GREATFORD 10mile TT course ...BN10/3..

    start on Belmesthorpe/Greatford road east of railway crossing proceed to Greatford -take left turn toward Carlby -at junction with A6121 turn left to Essendine -take left towards uffington then left towards Barholm -turn left before Barholm to finish short of T junction with Belmesthorpe/Greatford road.
    course record - Dave Langland (Fenland Clarion)  22m49s

    EDENHAM 10mile TT course ...BN10/2.....

    start at the top of Gunborough hill proceed towards Hanthorpe filter left- go  through Stainfield to Kirkby Underwood- turn left after climb by Callans wood turn left to Bulby - go through Elsthorpe to join A151 at Grimsthorpe- turn left to Edenham - take first left at school to finish just passed the road back up Gunborough hill
    course record - Mat Stephenson  23m42s

    CORBY GLEN 11mile TT course

    start on B1176 south of Corby Glen proceed to Swinstead -turn right -then left onto A151to Corby glen -turn left onto B1176 to repeat lap .
    on second lap go past B1176 to finish
    course record - (new course awaiting times)

    ESSENDINE 11mile TT course...CS/14..

    start at Essendine village hall proceed towards Bourne- turn left to Witham on the Hill -turn left onto B1176 to Careby -turn left onto A6121 to finish at Essendine
    course record - Phil Ackerman(Fenland Clarion) 26m06s

    ASLACKBY to TEMPLE WOOD hillclimb (3k)...BNHC

    start opposite Aslackby church proceed westwards along lane to finish at Temple Wood
    course record - (new course awaiting times)