1986 the beginning

     THE BEGINNING .................

    Thanks to a meeting  held at Rims Cycle shop in Bourne on 21st  July 1986 the club was reformed those present were P Wells, Terry Barnett, Gerald McIntyre ,Bob Rimmington (bike shop owner) Chris Rimmington , R Surtees, Kevin Ward and D Frick (apologies to those whose christian names I do not know!!) where it was agreed there was enough interest to restart the club and the first event was a club run on the 27th august 1986.
    The club colours of red and yellow were chosen as they were the colours of the RIMS bike shop logo
    1987 to date

    10 mile TT CHAMPIONS   ..............

     year   champion             winner on handicap
     2007   mark botteley   gerald bone
     2006   mark botteley   bart kieres
     2005   mark botteley   sheona revill
     2004   anthony spencer   rick wilson
     2003   mike yardley   rick wilson
     2002   james reynolds   gerald bone
     2001   mike yardley   gerald bone
     2000   anthony spencer   gerald bone
     1999   gary spencer   gerald bone
     1998   anthony spencer   john clarke
     1997   mike yardley   gerald bone
     1996   mike yardley             -
     1995   mike yardley             -
     1994   mike yardley             -
     1993   paul wass             -
     1992   robin day             -
     1991   chris whiting             -
     1990   robin day             -
     1989   steven whiting             -
     1988   gary hood             -
     1987   kevin ward             -