Club Fines

To make the season more enjoyable and to try and bring a bit of disapline into the team. MCCC A will be running a number of fines throughout the season. All proceeds of the fine pot will go towards an end of season 'Slash up' on the drink.

The fines are as follows:

  • Turning up late 1.00
  • Dirty Whites 1.00
  • Drop catch 1.00
  • Missed Stumping (For Scud 1.00
  • Duck 1.00
  • Un sportsmanship behaiver 1.00
  • Bat Abuse 1.00
  • Spitting the Dummy 1.00
  • Moaning 1.00
  • Not staying for a drink afterwards 1.00
  • Talking about Big Brother 1.00

As cheif fines master, Barry Hook can choose to fine a player for anything he should deem sufficient as well.

Below are all the squad members with the fine amount they have had to pay so far:

Steve Thompson 7.00
Richard Fisher 8.00
Craig Merry 8.10
Barry Hook 9.00
Nick Wylie 9.00
Mike Springall 8.00
Andrew Ell 12.00 ***Current leader of fines***
Paul Baseley 10.00
Jason Parker 10.60
Kevin Coles 5.00
Christian Davies 10.00
Lewis Travers 1.00
David Farmer 5.00
Andrew Cross 3.00
Steve Twynham 1.00
Richard Jones 1.00
Matt Stevens 2.00

Barmy Army fines:

Adam Perryman 1.00

Total fine money so far 106.70.